To my children Carl Butt and Amanda

First and foremost, regardless to what you may think, I love you, I always will. I will never judge you, I may have my personal thoughts on matters, but they are my thoughts, ones I keep to myself. I would never try to influence another against you, that is not, nor has ever been my nature. If a sibling has not friended you, or responded to messages, they chose to because of your actions, you not only walked away from me, you did them, this is their own reasoning, to what I have not been a party of. Hurt shows itself in many ways. Unlike them if someone has wronged me, I let them know, I don’t hold back.

There has been many tales told about me, if you want the truth, ask me. I have never shared my past with you, there have been many secrets I have kept to myself. There is no perfect parent either. I tried my best under some really challenging times, you will never know the half of it.

You have always been in my heart, even though you were sadly not in my life. Be happy, my dears.

Love Mum