Our story

Hippy Soap Co. was founded in an urban home nestled in beautiful Dunedin, New Zealand. Hi, I’m Angel, the brains and brawn behind Hippy Soap Co. Myself and my family have Ehlers Danlos Syndrome, where allergies are part and parcel of this diverse condition. For years I searched unsuccessfully to find a soap that did not irritate our skin, so after researching how to I then commenced to make our own custom soap. Being free of itchy irritated skin for some years now, we wanted to share the love of skincare that really cares for sensitive skin.

Simple and natural …. Nature inspires us
Our palm free soaps are made from powerful skin loving ingredients that are 100% Natural, they contain no synthetic colours or fragrances. We use quality ingredients from completely plant-based sources, that are moisturising and non drying. All plants are lovingly grown ourselves organically, to ensure purity and quality. Every bar of soap is made by hand in small batches.
For our soap manufacturing Hippy Soap Co. uses the ancestral process of Cold Saponification. This method reacts with the raw materials without heating them and therefore retains the virtues of the oils and plants. The end product of the total reaction creates an integral, economical, biodegradable soap, rich in natural glycerin. This technique allows us to produce high quality soaps that you will love to use.
Every Hippy Soap Co. offering is designed to delight. Simple, natural ingredients are lovingly brought together under the highest quality standards. The finished product feels uniquely crafted, and is specially prepared for you and those you cherish.

Slow down, feel the sweetness of life ….
Our manufacturing process respects our environment. Unlike main stream industry, we want to let ourselves take time to create according to our inspirations, we work with precision and passion. We want to share something we love ….

Natures pharmacy gives us wonderful ingredients of plants, and flowers
Inspired by time-honoured traditional herbal skincare, the love of growing what we require, and the wish to nurture and heal naturally, these values are at the core of Hippy Soap Co.

Eco friendly recyclable packaging ….
All of our packaging is recyclable.
The paper wrapper for our individually wrapped soaps is made from a combination of wheat and recycled wood, nothing else. The wheat straw is sourced from farms in India, a byproduct of the wheat harvest. The wood comes from furniture offcuts from the manufacturers in India. By using this paper, we are reducing the industry’s reliance on tree-felling for paper, cutting airborne pollution by reducing wheat straw burn offs, and helping to improve industrial sustainability efforts in India.