How to roll a Sponge Roll cake

You’ll need: A sponge roll pan, which is a shallow rectangular pan with one-inch-deep sides, and a kitchen towel.

Step One: First, spray the pan with cooking spray, line with a sheet of wax paper, then coat the wax paper with cooking spray. Spraying both the pan and wax paper will prevent the cake from sticking. Next, pour the batter, and bake.

Step Two: While the cake is baking, lay a dry kitchen towel slightly larger than the pan on a flat surface, and dust the towel with a thin layer of powdered sugar. The sugar prevents the cake from sticking.

Step Three: Remove the cake from the oven, and turn the pan over onto the towel, releasing the cake and wax paper. Slowly peel the wax paper from the cake. It’s OK if a thin layer of cake remains on the paper.

Step Four: Roll the towel and the cake together, pressing gently. Be sure to move slowly and carefully throughout the entire rolling process. The towel will end up coiled inside the cake.

Step Five: Cool the cake on a wire rack, seam side down. After an hour, unroll and remove the towel.. The cake will be slightly wavy. Carefully spread your filling as directed, and reroll the cake.