Do you sell in local markets?

Due to disability sadly currently we don’t.

Do you allow pickups in Dunedin where you are located?

Yes. To grow and manufacture takes time, to allow ourselves to focus on this we have found it easier to make pickups contactless, and on Tuesday, Thursday, and Weekends. Otherwise orders are sent via NZ Post Couriers every other day, ensuring you receive your order safely, and promptly.

Why do you not refer to your salves as balms?

Traditionally Salves are a combination of beeswax and a herbal oil, just as we make them. Balms are similar to salves, containing herbal oils and beeswax, but have more of a buttery texture with the addition of plant butters, such as shea or cocoa butter, because of this additional ingredient are not as strong in the herbal effectiveness per say. Balms are more moisturising and are often used on larger areas, such as the hands, or as a full body balm. The lack of water in both salves and balms means they have a long shelf life.

What is so special about Hippy Soap Co. products?

We use 100% natural ingredients in all our products, using organic where possible. All of our ingredients are sourced consciously. The oils we use are of a high quality, they moisturise and nourish dry skin, benefitting a wide range of skin conditions. Mainstream soaps with ingredients like palm oil and artificial fragrances, are drying, and can inflame delicate skin. Our soaps have been proven to treat eczema and inflammatory skin conditions. They really do care for your skin like no other. Our plants we use in our balms and soaps is organic, which we gorow ourselves ensuring purity, and quality. Nothing but the best.

We never use synthetic colourants, fragrances, compounds, or toxic chemicals.