Closed down, but not gone

It’s Time To Say Goodbye, but not farewell. We are sorry to announce that we have closed our business Hippy Soap Co on Tuesday 5th December. Unfortunately due to the ever increasing costs of materials, and some personal health problems, we have decided we cannot continue, so it’s time to CLOSE DOWN.
It was not an easy decision, as you can imagine, but we really haven’t had much choice.
We would like to say a huge thank you to everyone who supported us on our journey.

I have Ehlers Danlos Syndrome, where I have joints constantly dislocating or semi-dislocating, and now have a lot of arthritis, this year it was discovered severely throughout my spine. When I started the business I was still able to stand for long periods at a time, but I now require the use of a walking stick, and where there are many days I can barely walk. It is because of this I have, along with the constant price increases of essentials oils etc, had to make the hard decision to close. But we won’t be gone.

In the New Year the website will become The Barefoot Hippy. Our biggest sellers have been our Kawakawa products. On the website I will be sharing my knowledge, and selling for a small cost ebooks (pdf format) with my formulas, recipes, trade secrets, my suppliers, the lot. This way you can make your own salves and soaps just as you bought them, I wil also share the secret to growing Kawakawa plants in containers (as I continue to do) etc.
For you the cost will be less, and in this current climate will only be a blessing.
I promise to not let you down, knowing there are many of you who rely on these products for a variety of reasons. I still want to share something I love, but in a greater way, with knowledge, knowledge is power. What you do with all I share is up to you, if you want to create a business selling it that is fine but please have the decency to not be of the exact, but of your own altered version. I know there are many of you who simply will enjoy making something to help your child and for yourselves, because that is how it all started for myself.

I will also be focusing on propagating my Kawakawa plants, which I will also be selling locally.

Peace & Love